Apple releases most recent Transparency Report

On Friday Apple shared a transparency report summarising goverment data requests made during the second half of 2017, between July 1 and December 31.

These reports are intended to inform customers as to how many data-related requests it recieved from both global and US based law enforcement officials. The report showed that globally, Apple recieved 29,718 requests that covered 309,362 devices, aswell as recieving 4,450 requests for 15,168 devices from the United States. Apple provided data 80% of the time to US based officials, and 79% across the rest of the world.

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Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 Models equipped with LTE available

Over the past three days a selection of refurbished Series 3 Apple Watches, all 10 cellular-enabled have been available for purchase, although only one model currently remains in stock, however more should be on sale eventually. The website Refurb Tracker provides continual updates about the availability of refurbished models, which offer savings of around 15% on the most recent brand new models.

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Samsung ordered to pay Apple $539 million

On Thursday the most recent clash between Apple and Samsung was concluded, the result being that Samsung must pay Apple $539 million for the violation of Apple’s design patents, present in 5 android devices available between 2010 and 2011. The total was comprised of $5,325,050 awarded to Apple for Samsung’s infringement on two utility patents, whilst the additional $533,316,606 was for the violation of the three design patents.

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Apple’s most recent environmental pledge

Apple recently revealed that it has helped the companies Alcoa and Rio Tinto, currently the world’s largest aluminium producers to form a joint venture named Elysis, which intends to further develop the technology that enables the production of carbon free aluminium. As a consequence, in at most 6 years, Apple will be able to include the more sustainably manufactured aluminium in its products ranging from iPhones to MacBooks.

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Subliminal smart device commands can launch malicious attacks

Researchers in China and the USA are attempting to prove that AI assistants like Siri are susceptible to “hidden” commands that are humans cannot detect, but can force them to perform actions against their owners will. These subliminal commands can be utilised with malicious intentions such as gaining access to bank accounts and purchasing items online.

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Apple to expand Drone operation

It has emerged that Apple may be participating in a pilot program, a mechanism intended to allow state, local and tribal governments to co-operate with private sector entities to accelerate safe Unmanned Aircraft System integration, enabling them to operate drones to perform operations such as capturing aerial images to develop and improve Apple maps without restrictions from the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States.

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Intel facing further issues with vulnerability

Intel faces continued troubles with its foundries, and despite positive first quarter results, has been forced to further delay the volume 10nm manufacturing until 2019, whilst also floundering with regards to its modem production in 14nm. To present additional difficulties, Intel may be on the path to another CPU vulnerability disclosure, as the data security community are currently researching possible exploits including the original Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

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