6-core A12 Processor to feature in the next iPhones

A new 6-core A12 processor, bringing major efficiency and an improvement in speed of roughly 10%, is expected to be included in Apple’s lineup of 2018 iPhones. A benchmark for the 2018 iPhone uploaded to  Geekbench 4, if genuine demonstrates the difference in performance between the current A11 and the new A12.


In comparison, a single-core score of merely 4206 and a multi-core score of 10128 is achieved by the recent iPhone X with an A11 processor, so the new chip could be approximately 10% faster. Compute scores revealed a staggering metal score of 21691, in contrast to the iPhone X’s score of only 15234.


it is suggested that all three of the upcoming iPhone models, the two OLED models with dual-cameras and the one cheaper LCD model with a single-lens camera, will include the A12 processor. The benchmarked device, although not specified, was probably an OLED model as they are rumored to have the 4GB RAM, whereas the LCD model will just havew 3GB of RAM, the same amount as the current iPhone X.

It is however not possible to confirm the reliability of these benchmarks, as they can be faked, but the Geekbench founder John Poole stated that there was nothing “obviously wrong” with the results.


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