New improved AirPods for launch in 2019.

A report released by Bloomberg has revealed Apple’s intentions with regards to audio devices for 2019, including the 3rd generation AirPods, over-ear headphones and the next HomePod.

It is believed that the new and improved 3rd generation AirPods will be of significantly greater quality, water resistant, and may also include a noise cancellation mechanism currently under research by Apple, in addition to functionality at an increased distance from the iPhone or iPad.

Apple Inc. is about to pump up the volume on its audio-device strategy, planning higher-end AirPods, a new HomePod and studio-quality over-ear headphones for as early as next year, according to people familiar with the matter.

However, they are also expected to cost a substantial amount more than the current $159 per pair of 2nd generation AirPods. It is possible that Apple may be intending to split its AirPod line into two sections, a “higher-end” version with more features but a greater price tag, in contrast to a less expensive but less well equipped version.

Despite having faced issues in the development of the over-ear headphones initially intended for a late 2018 debut, Apple now plan to launch the device early on in 2019, as a “higher-end” alternative to the company’s current Beats line.

It is also mentioned that the second HomePod model may be ready to debut in 2019, and Apple could switch the production of the smaert speaker away from Inventec, who helped supply the first HomePod and AirPods, to instead expand its partnership with Foxconn, an important company with regards to its major part in the maufacture of iPhones.


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