Apple anticipates 2018 LCD models will represent the majority of sales.

Of the three new 2018 iPhone models, the launch of which is rumored to beSeptember, the LCD model is currently the odd one out, being both the cheapest and the only one not to include an OLED display like the iPhone X. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, the LCD model is expected to constitute a major proportion of the iPhone sales in the current lineup.

Apple intitally intended that the OLED models, including the iPhone X plus and second-generation iPhone X should be produced in roughly equal numbers to the LCD models, but now plans to produce more of the LCD iPhones, as it is supposed that Apple expects a great demand for the significantly cheaper iPhone X-like 6.1 inch LCD model.

It is believed that the weaker sales of the Iphone X were due to its massive price-tag of $999 in the USA, consequently, it is possible that Apple may retain one cheaper LCD model in its 2019 lineup aswell.

Essentially, those who opt for the LCD model are purchasing a budget iPhone X, costing $300 to $400 less but without 3D touch and a single rather than double lense rear camera system, athough it will have a notch and Face ID.

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