3 Great Free Indie/Arcade Games!

Indie/Arcade mobile games are great time-consuming games that are perfect for the awkward periods of time with gameplay lacking commitment so therefore they are pick up and go. Here are 3 excellent examples of some of these games!

DISCLAIMER: this is a sponsored post from JK Games Studios and Ciya Studios, however, opinions featured are by no means influenced by this.



Dodgy liner 4/5


A highly addictive game created by JK Games Studios which maintains a classic feel of an arcade game in which you must dodge oncoming obstacles though with the ability to go backwards and forwards! The game includes great power-ups that assist you in the game, however in the right amount that the game does not become easy but instead provides a moment in which you are able to relax. Furthermore, the handy built-in leaderboard allows you to directly compare yourself to other players, therefore, providing a competitive edge to the game with progression also being available through skins that you can purchase with in-game currency. JK Games have also made the game in a way in which it is not pay-to-play, something that many games of a similar style do not keep yet it is something game developers should be credited for. Download the game here and try and beat my high score of 147!

Gold Crush 5/5


A recently updated game by JK Games Studios, this time with the aim to separate gold from stones and bombs through a satisfying crushing mechanic, with rocks and bombs have the ability to end the game instantly (in case of the bomb) or over a prolonged period if you are to lose all 3 life hearts (though that can be also collected to gain back health). Though a quick play option is available, the real challenge comes from the levels you can play through, with a total of 75 levels being currently available through more are later promised. To assist yourself getting a higher score, gold collected can be used to purchase upgrades yet again thought of a sufficient price to not let the game to become too easy. An overall excellent game, that provides challenge and fun in perfect proportions! Again, the game has a massively functional built-in leaderboard which adds to the achievement of earning a new high score. Download this fantastic game here!

Drop Off 4/5


A difficult (only 1% past 100!) yet well-made game by Ciya studios that takes advantage of your phone’s accelerometer to deliver highly responsive tilt controls, something that is unusual for an arcade/indie game in a portrait format. The aim is to drop the ball by keeping the ball on top of the platforms, with points scored as you go down each level. Ciya has also maintained a non pay-to-play system with no in-app purchases bar one that removes ads, which, although some ads are present, they are not in anyway spammy or interruptive of gameplay to any real extent. Download this challenging game here

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