iOS 12 main features

iOS 12, which is currently available to developers in its 1st beta form, contains some interesting new features introduced by Apple, including Grouped notifications, Screen time, Group FaceTime, ARKit 2.0 and for the iPhone X, there are new Animoji and customizable Memoji.


To begin with, the Group FaceTime allows for calls containing a maximum of 32 people, whilst Siri has been improved significantly by a new feature dubbed Shortcuts, which lets users construct automation with the first and third-party apps that can be enabled via Siri commands.

New Do Not Disturb mechanisms provide you with more control over when it turns off and on, and Screen Time allows you to monitor the time you are spending on your device, including detailed statistics such as how many times you pick up your iPhone during the day.

AR Kit 2.0 introduces persistence to augmented reality, to ensure that AR environments remain unchanged across multiple sessions, in addition to multiplayer support, allowing two individuals to interact with the same digital environment from different devices.

Performance has also been drastically improved, with optimizations for all devices. iOS 12 will function on all iPhones and iPads that are capable of running iOS 11.

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