Apple releases most recent Transparency Report

On Friday Apple shared a transparency report summarising goverment data requests made during the second half of 2017, between July 1 and December 31.

These reports are intended to inform customers as to how many data-related requests it recieved from both global and US based law enforcement officials. The report showed that globally, Apple recieved 29,718 requests that covered 309,362 devices, aswell as recieving 4,450 requests for 15,168 devices from the United States. Apple provided data 80% of the time to US based officials, and 79% across the rest of the world.

Last year, from July to December 2016, Apple recieved a similar total number of requests, but only 151,105 devices were covered by the requests and only to 72% did Apple choose to comply.

Apple can recieve requests in the US for subpoenas, court orders, pen register/trap, search warrants, wiretap orders or trace orders. The data requests cover a large range of circumstances including criminal investigations. Transparency is however limited as Apple is not allowed by the government to release specific details with reference to the number of National Security requests recieved.

The latest transparency report reveals that Apple recieved between 16,000 and 16,249 National Security Orders and provided data for 8,00 to 8,249 accounts, almost double the July-December 2016 report.


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