Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 Models equipped with LTE available

Over the past three days a selection of refurbished Series 3 Apple Watches, all 10 cellular-enabled have been available for purchase, although only one model currently remains in stock, however more should be on sale eventually. The website Refurb Tracker provides continual updates about the availability of refurbished models, which offer savings of around 15% on the most recent brand new models.

The Apple Watch Series 3 models were first launched in September 2017, but it is only now that cellular-enabled models can be purchased refurbished. These models are priced between $359 and $549, allowing for significant savings, for example, a cellular-enabled 42mm Apple Watch Series 3, equipped with a silver aluminium case and a fog-coloured sport band is listed for $359, $70 off an equivalent brand new model. The average Series 3 model also incorporates a faster dual-core S3 processor in addition to a W2 chip designed by Apple that nearly doubles the speed of the Wi-Fi and makes it 50% more power efficient.

Refurbished Apple watches come with a 1 year warranty effective on the date the device is delivered, but refurbished models are generally considered to be indistinguishable from brand new models. Apple says that all refurbished Apple Watch models are thoroughly cleaned, tested,  inspected and repackaged with a new box and all manuals and accessories, including a magnetic charging puck and a power adapter. Earlier this week Apple also made refurbished iMac Pro models available for purchase.


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