iPhone to have Triple-lens rear camera

It has been suggested in a research note from Jeff Pu, an analyst at Yuanta securities, that Apple intends to introduce a new triple-lens rear camera to iPhones in the second half of 2019, allowing for a camera system capable of using its 6P lens design for up to 5X zoom, in conjunction with a 12-megapixel lens for incredibly detailed images. Follow us on Instagram: here and Twitter: here, for updates about articles being posted on our site. Continue reading for more information about this new revelation.

The suggestion that Apple may include an additional, third lens in the rear cameras of iPhones in the later half of 2019 presents a highly exciting prospect, allowing for 3X optical zoom, in contrast with the comparatively meagre 2X offered by the iPhone X, thereby enabling users to magnify an image up to 3X without any reduction in image quality at all.

However, should the predictions be correct, this feature will only be available for the high-end and more expensive iPhones planned for 2019, thus probably applying to the next-generation iPhone X. Similarly, Apple is not the first to touch upon the idea of an additional lense, the Huawei P20 Pro, also possesses a triple-lens rear camera, consisting of a 20-megapixel monochrome lens, a 40-megapixel lens and an 8-megapixeltelephoto lens allowing for 3X optical zoom.

The system is not likely to make its debut in 2018, as any significant changes this year have been ruled out by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, formerly of KGI securities.

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