iOS 13 update for 2019 to have a major iPad focus

Apple is planning to focus on the introduction of multiple iPad based features for next years iOS 13 update codenamed, “Yukon”, according to data released by the reporter Mark Gurman. The update is professed to include an improved file app alongside support for the Split view multitasking mode.

The present version of iOS, iOS 11, introduced a revamped iPad dock, an app switcher, the Files app, Drag and drop support, additional Apple pencil features and a redesigned QuickType keyboard, to name but a few. All of these installations were heavily focused upon the ease of use of Ipads, and according to the reporter Mark Gurman, iOS 13 will provide similar iPad related improvements.

‘Somewhat. iOS 13 “Yukon” will have a big iPad-focused feature upgrade as well, including an updated Files app. some other things in the works are tabs in apps like in MacOS, same app side by side, Apple Pencil stuff. The home screen redesign is iPad focused.’ – Mark Gurman on Twitter

iOS 12, which has been declared to introduce a Cross-platform system althought there has been some controversy over the date at which the app, which allows Macs to run apps designed for the iPhone and iPad, is intended to be released by Apple this year. Other features that it could possibly include are a Digital health tool to limit screen time, support for multiplayer augmented reality games, a new Animoji interface and a revamped stocks app. All further particulars as to its launch date are liable to be revealed at WWDC 2018, in conjunction with the release of macOS 10.14, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5.

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