The BEST BUDGET iPhone X Accessories (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome back to the 2nd and final part of our best iPhone X accessories series: today we are going to be looking at budget friendly options that will not break the bank, with alternatives of the products mentioned in Part 1, yet with much lower price tags. If you have not yet read Part 1, head here for options if you want to get the best possible experience out of your iPhone X when money is no object.

Anker SoundCore 2


£39.99 from Amazon UK
Owning this speaker myself I can testify it’s great sound quality (for it’s price) with deep booming bass, and its durability through the multiple accidental drop tests (down stairs). It has a long battery life of 24 hours, with fast pairing via Bluetooth 4.2. A good speaker for on the go.

Sony MDR-ZX220BT Bluetooth Headphones


£48.99 from Amazon UK
For headphones at a £50 price point, they offer a lot: continuous music playback for 30 hours, swivelling hinges for a compact design, large cushions providing comfort and 30 mm drivers providing both clarity and bass in equal measures to your music. Overall, they sound like an excellent deal.

GoFree Phone/Camera Tripod


​£10.99 from Amazon
From a much lower price point, this alternative to Joby’s gorilla pod featured in last weeks episode, it sounds like a cheaper option: though it likely lacks the build quality, from reviews I have come to the conclusion it is a viable option for those wishing to capture different angles from the iPhone X’s camera.
Kiehls Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Lotion 125ml. Super absorbent, ultra-light moisturizer. Provides an out-of-this world clean-skin feel by reducing the sweat and surface oil. Visibly reduces the appearance of pores and shine. Leaves skin softer, hydrated…

Anker PowerPort


£18.99 from Amazon UK
For this parts charging solution, I have selected this Qi-certified stand; although it lacks fast charging (though it is apparently faster than other 5W options) it gains the convenience of having a built in stand therefore making it perfect to be included within a desk set up.



​£13.99 from Amazon UK
TORRAS, a new company to me, seems to have produced a fairly nice looking case for the iPhone X at a lower price. It comprises of 3 layers for effective impact absorption, with a  metallic looking plastic back providing a pleasing look alongside the polish aluminium around its border. To give confidence, a 180 day warranty is provided (with reasonable claims ie not from ridiculous heights) and you can continue charging the phone even with the case on due to wireless charging support. A well rated product at an extremely low price.

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