Apple’s Podcast Platform Hits 50 Billion Downloads

Over the last year Apple has made many improvements to its Podcasts app, and while some features in competitors apps are still lacking, it is no longer possible to deny the huge size of Apple’s podcast platform. Fast Company is now reporting that Apple Podcasts has passed a huge milestone in both downloads and streams.

This new report states that in March, Apple Podcasts hit a huge 50 billion episode downloads and streams, a massive increase from 13.7 billion in March of 2017. This large amount of growth is likely due to a large amount of content being constantly added to the platform. Since it’s 2005 release, Podcasts has acquired more than 18.5 million episodes and 525,000 active shows – these spanning over 100 languages and 150 countries. Comparatively, this is over 4 million more episodes than those announced at WWDC last year.

Apple made many improvements to the Podcast app as part of the iOS 11 update, adding support for seasons, Podcast Analytics, interface tweaks and more. This comes after Eddy Cue promised a focus on the media format at the Code Media conference at last years at WWDC.

Are you an Apple Podcasts user or do you prefer to use other alternatives? Let us know in the comments below.

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James Watling

Hi, I'm James, a writer at Apple Summit as well as CEO and co-founder of Apple Juice Tech.

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