Apple News’ push for video

Apple News is attempting to persuade their publishers into releasing a higher quality video, yet for this to occur publishers are demanding a higher revenue for videos than they currently receive. With 60 million current users in the US alone, the need for quality content on the Apple News app is obvious to ensure they do not move to other forms of news reading/output. Continue reading for more information on Apple’s predicament.

However, Apple has said that the money for higher revenue for publishers is simply not there at this present time, even after the addition of a Top Videos page to the app. Of course, for Apple to profit from this, an advertisement must be included in these videos, as they are in the form of skippable ads between videos: though Apple does take 50% of revenue from the amount made by them (according to

Furthermore, adverts that appear while the video loads are currently  “only available as Apple inventory”. The Top Videos page featured within the app resembles that of what is still currently present within the widget, though widgets (in my personal experience) do little to draw me (and I suspect others) into the app as their sole purpose is to provide an overview. The addition of the now more accessible page will fix this, and should also increase revenue. This increase advantages all:  more money for Apple means more investment in products and software while money for publishers allows them to continue producing the content that consumers love.

Currently, publishers are attempting to see whether the addition of a Top Videos page will consequently increase watch time to see if it worth the effort to produce such content, before taking action. Whatever happens, I believe it is a valiant effort by Apple to both introduce quality content to their News app and also as a way to make the app more profitable for Apple themselves as well as for the many publishers who post every single day. Unfortunately, there has been no cooperation by any of Apple’s spokespeople at this present time.

Apple News itself was first announced at WWDC 2015, which works via the pulling in of news stories from news feeds such as the BBC, which can then be accessed via the app in one convenient location. It was then released alongside iOS on 26th September for the iPod, iPad and iPhone, yet at first, it was only available in the US. It took a full month until it was released in the UK and Australia when it was released with iOS 9.1. A massive redesign occurred in the update to iOS 10, this again being announced at WWDC a year later: this redesign included the changing of the icon, with improvements also concurring on the “For You” section, which would then be organised by topics. A paid service was also hinted at, thus allowing access to certain news sources as well as the adoption of breaking news and email notifications on top stories.

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