Intel To Supply 70% of LTE Chips for 2018 iPhones

According to an unnamed source who spoke to Fast Company, Intel is planning to supply Apple with 70% of the modem chips which will be used in the 2018 iPhones – with Qualcomm providing the other 30%
KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously suggested that Intel would be the only supplier for the modems, whilst Qualcomm would be completely out of the question as of the legal battles between Apple and Qualcomm.

Intel will be providing a far greater number of the chips, but as this is the first year of Intel creating its own chips using the 14-nanometer process, the source has said that Apple plans to continue to use Qualcomm chips in 2018 – this is what they said:

Given that technological transition, Apple is apparently waiting to see how well Intel fulfills this year’s order. IfIntel underdelivers, Qualcomm will make up the balance on top of the 30% it’s already planning to provide. There’s also a chance that if Intel can produce enough chips on time and on budget it could get more than the planned 70%, our source says.
Intel does still have a chance to become the sole producer, as expected by Ming-Chi Kuo, as should their chip production rates speed up, Apple will be able to transition to using only Intel chips for the 2019 lineup, completely cutting any ties they had with Qualcomm.

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