2018 6.1 Inch iPhone to exclude 3D Touch

Apple currently suggests that it’s planned 6.1 inch LCD iPhone will include a “glass cover sensor” (CGS) technology to allow for a more shock resistant frame, however, to cancel out the additional cost of the touch panel once a thin-film sensor has been added, and the touch module has been relocated to the glass surface, Apple will not incorporate 3D Touch in this despite the major changes to the operating system required, as stated by KGI Securities analysts Ming-Chi Kuo in a new note.

The CGS technology, involving the transfer of the touch module from the display panel to the surface glass, allows for a lighter display capable of withstanding a greater impact. However, an additional thin-film sensor, increasing the touch module cost by 50% has been added, although its purpose appears to be unknown. As a consequence it is believed that they will omit the 3D Touch, although this will present a large problem in terms of its current integration with the current operating system, probably leading to multiple changes in the future.


Despite these editions, the other two iPhones that Apple has scheduled for 2018 will not have the CGS technology, resulting in a continued 3D Touch function. These models were the new 5.8 inch OLED successor to the iPhone X and it’s iPhone plus counterpart.

Potentially all future models may lose the 3D touch function as Kuo’s note suggests that future iPhones are all likely to include the CGS technology. Although it is equally likely that Apple will face the additional production costs and include both to satisfy consumers

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